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  1. 2 days ago
    Hey bud... still got the True Lies quiz on the schedule?
    I'm gonna hold back for a bit now, adding 3 quizzes in the past few days, people might get tired of seeing them... plus TUS said he's looking into writing so am interested to see what he's got for us.
  2. 5 days ago
    There's a True Lies quiz ready to go now
  3. 6 days ago
    No Mods online atm...

    I think sadnessmovie might be a borderline spammer.
    Has a link in the signature, and his most recent post is odd as well.

    Might need to check him out.
  4. 1 week ago
    Something crossed my mind the other day when writing the Blade Runner 2049 quiz.
    There was a quick discussion in the Weekends thread about what movies to do on the MoFo Weekends, and one idea was the two Blade Runner movies.
    It's like, almost 18 months away, but what about November 2019? It's the exact month and year that the first film is actually based
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