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  1. 4 Days Ago
    Just in case you missed it in the shoutbox here's that thread -

    My post is full of spoilers so don't read it until you've watched it.
  2. 3 Weeks Ago
    Watching it coz it was directed by a women for the countdown if we end up doing that. Looks really good.
  3. 10-18-17
    Thank you. It has been an exceptionally hard 2 weeks and a completely draining past few days. But I need to do other things. It is crazy if I don't do something (i.e. finish the countdown) and she would just get mad at me if I didn't do anything (i.e. finish the countdown).
  4. 09-20-17
    No I don't think so. Kidnapping I would say ok.
3 Days of the Condor   10/24/17
Three Days of the Condor I believe this was the last movie I watched back for the 70's countdown. I remem...

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir   6/20/17
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir I might watch this one again. I had a hard time in the beginning buying into the ...

Dances with Wolves   4/29/17
Dances with Wolves This was my first time seeing this movie, along with Schindler's List, probably the bi...

The Hunt   4/18/17
The Hunt + This movie had been on my watchlist for quite a while. If I had those movies in order of pr...

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