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I just want to hug (your FACE)!
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"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you."
- Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy."
- Captain Steel
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  1. 6 days ago
    Very cool.
  2. 6 days ago
    Actually, I just remembered I also own a copy of Waveform 8 by Tracktion. And when I checked they apparently have a new version out with a free option. Going to check that out too.
  3. 6 days ago
    lol. If it helps they usually do half off sales for black Friday and at some point in the new year. Maybe sooner with the covid stuff.
  4. 6 days ago
    Itís probably a good thing I never got used to 4.
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