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  1. 04-06-17
    Fudge, why am i the only person that has sent you profile comments? haha. Look, it's just me mate .
  2. 04-06-17
    Sorry about that mate, i deleted 46 messages so i have space now haha.
  3. 10-14-16
    Yup mate.
  4. 10-14-16
    It's cool mate, as i said in the thread when your absence was brought up i know you'll finish. It was just in case something had come up in your personal life or whatever and you couldn't finish i'd rather know early. Wouldn't actually matter now i think of it now since everyone has watched your nom.
The Gentlemen   3/30/20
Being one of those fans, my expectations to "The Gentlemen" were still high and I sat down expecting to watch

Joy   1/12/16
Even Joy, the title character, seemed exactly the same during the whole movie (the only reason I see possible

For a Few Dollars More   10/19/15
Everyone knows now exactly how to do things: Leone has solidified his style and technique, Eastwood and Volont

Night and Fog   8/02/15
The problem with most Holocaust films is that they portray the story as a one time only event

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