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  1. 15 Hours Ago
    Reminds me when we had all the IMDb trolls!
    And I shall check it out
  2. 15 Hours Ago
    It is I used to post there quite a lot but I mainly just lurk there now. Very catty, very ruthless, but a lot of the time it's hilarious. The site coined the term "Baby Flower Chinese Davenport" to describe Ying Ying Duan, and Virginia Wade said it when commentating her match

    And that sounds fun! But yeah, I reckon you'd need at least 20 or so people for it work. And for all of them to remain involved and not disappear after joining like some of them do here.
  3. 15 Hours Ago
    And I haven't seen it! I haven't even heard of it
  4. 15 Hours Ago
    I'm actually a member of a tennis forum, and they're on like Survivor 39 now or something mad like that. But it's a massive forum.

    And I am intrigued as to what this game is
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