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"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

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  1. 04-04-09
    Did anyone from the stands yell out: "Hey look! Its Ron Perlman Jr!"
  2. 04-04-09
    Ah, Somebody else I talk to then. All you Canadians look the same on the internet... See what I did there?

    Near Toronto huh? Ever take in a Bluejays game? I'd love to go to Skydome someday.
  3. 04-04-09
    That would be fantastic. You're just up in Vancouver aren't you? I'm just down the road in Seattle. Let me know what happens and I'll shoot you my address if need be.
  4. 04-04-09
    Sweet! Any chance you'll be able to post it?
Talk to Me   7/28/23
On the surface, A24's Talk To Me is a teen horror film ready to make you jump with fright, but this Australian

Deadstream   2/28/23
It's a low-budget love letter to horror with elements of Raimi

Nope   2/22/23
For his third outing, Peele brings us a sci/fi horror film Nope

Men   2/13/23
Garland's MEN has a lot to unpack, and I fully suspect the film will split audiences down the middle

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