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  1. 04-03-15
    So I should become more serious huh
  2. 03-30-15
    Hey, it's your list. Do it as and whenyou please. I guess the two questions I'd ask are have you seen a lot more new films and is there many new entries? If it's mainly moving the films about, then you might want to wait a little longer. If there's plenty of new ones, then I'd say it's OK.
  3. 03-28-15
    I haven't. I think I recorded it a while ago but never got round to it and my mum probably deleted it to free up space It does strike me as something that looks very good (British, well Irish...) realistic film. I remember too my housemate saw it and recommended it to me as something she thought I would like
  4. 03-16-15
    No idea, but I'd like to see it soon if I can.
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Big Hero 6   2/15/15
The action scenes are wonderfully detailed, microbots as a weapon for the masked antagonist were effective, pr

Deliverance   2/12/15
Most people don't look at this film as one of revolutionary impact, but 60s displayed men of the macho-istic t

Walkabout   2/06/15
To sum it all up, Walkabout is a tremendous film with some of the best cinematography to ever grace the silver

War of the Worlds   2/04/15
I don't know if that's a fault on the director or actors' part but the film remains just a film because of tha

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