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Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
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  1. 08-04-17
    Sending you the reminder you asked for if you even need it. Will be starting the Countdown tomorrow so i'd send the list tonight if you still want to.
  2. 02-15-17
    Okay, no worries. You'll be welcome back in the future, of course.
  3. 02-15-17
    Hey, I created a new baseball signup thread. I sent renewals to all the people I was 100% sure were in, but held off for anyone who hadn't already preemptively asked, since we're making room for a couple new people. We should still have enough space if you wanna play again, though, just didn't wanna assume either way, since this is the first year in awhile where spots seem to be at a premium.
  4. 09-23-16
    Alright, I'll take the plunge. Here's hoping the Rams being bad doesn't completely outweigh Gurley's talent.
The Squid and the Whale   10/10/19
he visually establishes the central conflict in the very first scene, mom and frank on one side of the court a...

Rocky   5/05/14
It probably could've elicited some sort of emotion towards the end if the fight scenes were shot better...

Short Cuts   8/10/13
It never made me interested in it beyond when we initially meet the characters, whereas Short Cuts keeps makin...

The Long Goodbye   7/29/13
Right after seeing this movie, he quickly became one of my favorite film characters of all time...

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