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  1. 08-24-15
    That's sweet.
  2. 05-18-15
    Well. It was something that I was looking in to. I have always kind of thought it would be interesting. I am just not sure if I can take being away from home the amount of time that is required. I don't have a job at the moment and it would be nice to find something soon.
  3. 05-18-15
    Fine with me champ.

    If i wanted to be anything more than a "source of cheap bemusement" (I'm sure you meant amusement, but I'll allow a slip of the tongue/finger after a long day of looking for things to argue about), then I'd contribute more.

    Anyway, I'll take your advice under consideration and look to improve my posting habits in the future. Cheers bud.
  4. 05-06-15
    I'm back bb. Haven't had a computer for a few months. Too much work to type this stuff out on a touch screen. When was the decision made that buttons weren't a thing anymore?
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