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  1. 08-29-17
    Hey, are you interested in sending a top ten tv shows list for the Countdown? Same as the actors one last time.
  2. 08-03-17
    Cheers mate

    BTW, you have to leave profile comments on the other persons profile so they get a notification for it. The only reason i saw this was because i looked back which i rarely do.
  3. 08-03-17

    10. Elizabeth Taylor
    9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    8. James Gandolfini
    7. Eddie Murphy
    6. Elisha Cuthbert
    5. Michael Douglas
    4 (TIE). David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson (Trust me, it's impossible for me to pick between them)
    3. Kiefer Sutherland
    2. Jack Nicholson
    1. Al Pacino
  4. 08-03-17
    Hey mattias. Any chance you could send me a top ten movie stars list for the countdown, please?
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