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The rules say that I can self-promote filmmatt.wordpress.com as long as I don't "draw attention to" that link...
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  1. 07-17-15
    I posted that last night but decided to watch "Harsh Times" with Christian Bale. I have about 45 mins left in Inception, and I feel dumb for saying it's pretentious so far but I wouldn't rave about it being a masterpiece just yet. Unless the ending blows me away it's probably going to be around a 3.75/5. Not that that isn't a superb rating for a film I was expecting **** from though
  2. 07-15-15
    Jeez you really love "so bad they're good movies" lol
  3. 07-15-15
    It's all hanging, and she's sees a bear so she covers them lmfao
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Pixar is a company, and like all companies, it has good films and bad films

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Despite not being religious and thinking the Christian movie boom is the worst thing to happen to film as a me

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It's probably the first movie ever to be marketed by a quote, as the monologue featured in the trailers was qu

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