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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Albus Dumbledore
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  1. 03-12-17
    And...... full pot. Still bitter about those two mistakes though. I see Snape got 100% on all the quizzes (obviously), which makes it even more bitter.
  2. 03-12-17
    Actually failed miserably on COS and POA, with one mistake on both. I know, disgraceful for a guy who lives and breathes Potter. Hopefully I'll be able to keep some of my honor with a jackpot on the final two.
  3. 03-10-17
    Hey there, just felt a need to express my delight at the quizzes you've made. Laughed heartily on that penultimate HBP question. "A passage to Narnia". Would've been something, wouldn't it. Voldemort, ruler of Narnia.

    Looking forward to the last ones!
  4. 03-09-17
    Yeah kinda like that, but the glasses make it look odd.

    I do freelance and as a hobby tbh.
    I just enjoy messing on photoshop.
    Have designed company logos from time to time, plus other stuff like t-shirt/jumper designs and such.
    I've done photo repairs in the past as well. People give me their old photos and I do a scan, and repair damage to the image and reprint the picture.
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