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  1. 10-13-18
    No worries, just making sure!
  2. 10-13-18
    Sure. Did you wanna repost in another thread?
  3. 10-11-18
    Hey; any issues with that Paris, Texas thread I can help with?
  4. 01-27-17
    Hey, Diehl! I noticed you're a big Woody Allen Fan.

    Make sure you join the Woody Allen Fan Club here to show your appreciation for his work:



Through a Glass Darkly   10/10/20
In this film Bergman tells the story of a father, his daughter and son, and the daughter's husband, isolated o

Mystery Train   9/16/20
87 Mystery Train dir Jim Jarmusch Principal actors: Nicolatta Braschi, Tom Noonan, Elizabeth Bracco, Joe Strum

Educating Rita   9/15/20
The movie has a lousy synthesized soundtrack, and the cinematography looks like it was filmed on a video camer

Down by Law   9/11/20
Many of his movies seem to be slice of life stories (not even the most exciting slice) that may seem boring to

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