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  1. 05-22-13
    Alright, just let me know if you will need an extension when the time comes, and I'll probably be able to give you a couple more weeks if needed.
  2. 05-22-13
    No problem at all, I don't know if you saw in the thread or not, but I also enjoyed Viridiana. I appreciate that recommendation as well. As far as your film watching/forum participation, are you going to still be able to participate in the hall of fame? You still have about a month and a half to finish up.
  3. 04-19-13
    It's cool. No problem.
  4. 04-19-13
    Well, thank you for excepting my friend request. Also, not that it matters, but I am a girl.
News from Home   2/27/17
The problem I had with this was not with the premise of simple observation, that would be fine, but actually t

The General   2/23/17
As a film about the personality of Martin Cahill, it is as great and fascinating as it could be

Love Conquers All   8/15/13
That is, I could understand some part of the basis in the girl's decisions through the context, but the latter

High Noon   7/19/13
I don't really know how much of this is actually true but I feel this was a ground-breaking movie at the time,

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