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I forgot the opening line.
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My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

Latest Review : Detour (1945)

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  1. 07-28-23
    Wanna see my TL Fraserís Reign?
  2. 11-26-21
    thank you and thats really cool cause i only watch it cause elizabeth olsen is on it shes one of my favourite actresses and i loved the movie so i bought the dvd today
Criss Cross   11/29/23
This is a film that improves with a second watch - knowing everything actually enhances the film's opening sce

The Asphalt Jungle   11/28/23
Yeah - Hayden and Calhern were great, although the former is really the take-away from The Asphalt Jungle for

Act of Violence   11/27/23
I kind of thought that the story these two men share, and the reason for what's happening, gets revealed a lit

The Little Girl Who Conquered Time   11/25/23
The trio form a close bond, but it's not long before Yoshiya

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