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Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly
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  1. 09-25-13
    I don't suppose I could get you to break the tie in the song tournament?
  2. 07-11-13
    Thank you very much mate. Nice of you to say. Hopefully I can keep you entertained with my reviews in the future
  3. 07-10-13
    Thanks for the rep on Die Hard Mr Inmate. Especially as it means I've topped my nemesis Masterman!

    Feel free to drop by my Musings anytime
  4. 04-06-13
    pleasure doing business with you. I'm quite certain you anticipated this very thing happening when u drafted both Kinsler and Hill. Good on you Sir. Choo's gonna score a ***** ton of runs this year, plus do quite well in at least 3 other categories.
Fight Club   4/05/21
i've semi-avoided this movie for years not because i thought i wouldn't like it, but because i knew i'd have a

The Breakfast Club   4/02/21
i still give this movie credit because it was clearly an interesting take for its time and i believe in apprec

The Exterminating Angel   1/24/21
under normal circumstances i would probably care even less about a film not having sympathetic characters beca

The Squid and the Whale   10/10/19
he visually establishes the central conflict in the very first scene, mom and frank on one side of the court a

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