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  1. 05-20-20
    I made like five spelling mistakes in my Ozark post, which I just corrected. Lol... I think I may be slightly dyslexic because whenever I proofread my posts, which I almost always do, I have to make like ten corrections for spelling, grammar, and words that I somehow managed to leave out entirely.
  2. 05-20-20
    Oh gosh, I don't know how to spell... I swear spelling has been my bain since the 6th grade.
  3. 04-08-20
    Is that the one where Dre and Iovine are chained together as prisoners and have to navigate racial biases to escape pursuit from authorities? Cuz if so, I'm pretty sure I've seen it.
  4. 09-14-19
    Could I talk you into taking part in my music tournament. You can recommend any 7 songs. Mine will be slightly different from the others. Can find it in the tournament sub forum.
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