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The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
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  1. 01-22-15
    Grow me a garden of roses
    Paint me the colors of sky and rain
    Teach me to speak with their voices
    Show me the way and I'll try again

    Without you I'm nothing at all
    And life has the face of a morbid game
    With you nothing seems impossible
  2. 01-20-15
The Gentlemen   3/30/20
Being one of those fans, my expectations to "The Gentlemen" were still high and I sat down expecting to watch

Joy   1/12/16
Even Joy, the title character, seemed exactly the same during the whole movie (the only reason I see possible

For a Few Dollars More   10/19/15
Everyone knows now exactly how to do things: Leone has solidified his style and technique, Eastwood and Volont

Night and Fog   8/02/15
The problem with most Holocaust films is that they portray the story as a one time only event

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