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  1. 09-07-22
    Oh thank you - fixed it now
  2. 10-14-15
    Yes I know.
  3. 10-13-15
    Didn't realize that, but I wasn't offended anyway so all's good.
  4. 08-24-15
    Hey no worries man. I never feel any rudeness coming from you.
Shall We Dance   9/10/19
For me the primary reason for watching a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire musical is to see the couple create a

Daddy Long Legs   9/02/19
Fred Astaire is without doubt one of the finest dancers ever to light up a screen and Leslie Caron is certainl

The Piper   8/07/19
The Piper is quite a nicely presented take on the Pied Piper lore that fairly quickly managed to draw me in an

Sally of the Sawdust   7/11/19
On the plus side the cinematography is generally nice, the basic dramatic premise one that will always find a

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