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...some, I assume, are good people.
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I like video games more than movies. Interests
"Well, at least your intentions behind the UTTERLY DEVASTATING FAULTS IN YOUR LOGIC are good." - Captain Steel
Movies / Anime / Ultimate Showdown / Veg*nism / Action 2015
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  1. 4 Weeks Ago
    Goodbye and good luck to you.
  2. 09-30-16
    The Action movie avatar id like is the predator monster coming out of the water withe his invisible form fading away.
  3. 09-04-16
    Check Out My Disney Movie Top 65 films if like Disney animated movies.
Angel's Egg   4/23/17
Angel's Egg Sci-Fi Fantasy Art / 1985 WHY'D I WATCH IT? Saw a passing Twitter comment mentioning...

Hellraiser   4/07/17
Hellraiser Erotic Horror / English / 1987 WHY'D I WATCH IT? I DON'T ****IN' KNOW, DON'T ASK ME. ...

Chained Heat   4/07/17
Chained Heat Erotic Drama / English / 1983 WHY'D I WATCH IT? After watching Savage Streets and wa...

Ex Machina   4/05/17
Ex_Machina Sci-Fi Romance Mystery / English / 2014 WHY'D I WATCH IT? Been on my watchlist since I...

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