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  1. 09-07-12
    Mystery Team's on your top 10? That's sick. I dig.
  2. 07-22-12
    Hey T! Have you seen Awakenings yet?
  3. 07-04-12
    I have, amazing flick, a tad long I found.
  4. 07-04-12

    Appreciate the 14 + pages of plus rep. You're my new hero.
Blind Fury   9/24/12
The only thing that bothered me about this movie was a few scenes with Rutger Hauer and the kid, I know in the

Beneath Hill 60   4/07/12
For fans of history it also tells a part of the amazing Allied attack on the Messine Ridge which had at that t

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo   3/24/12
I thought Fincher did a great job with the remake, it is almost a shot for shot remake except Fincher included

Passchendaele   3/23/12
I think this movie has some of the most authentic and graphic trench warfare scenes out of any movie that I ha

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