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  1. 04-30-09
    Totally I am a huge Fri 13th fan and I think it would be sweet as hell to have a Jason Voorhees tat I have seen some awesome movie tattoos online. You should serach and get some idea's

    Some advice always check that the tattooist has a good rep and uses decent ink as there is local tattooist that I avoid like the plague because thier ink turns green after a few months.
  2. 04-30-09
    Indeed mate, as im Welsh ive always wanted to get the Welsh Three Feathers on my arm, also I would the Metallica ninja star done but cash is low at the mo lol
  3. 04-30-09
    No problems mate I have my son's name, Harry going down my inside left forearm, thats the one that is black and blue. Then I have my daughters name, Phoebe on the outside of my right forearm, thats the one in a script style. I also have my wifes name on my inside right wrist, its quite old and Julia my wife wrote her name down on some paper and I got it tattooed on my wrist, so basically she signed my wrist Recently on my left wrist I had her name done properly in a script font. Have you got any ink done mate?
  4. 04-29-09
    Yep. That's why I hate him.
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