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24 years HERE

I run this here joint. Biography
Pittsburgh adjacent. Location

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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Sent 2 PMs
    Excerpts from my book.
    Had to split it into two pieces as there was too many characters
  2. 12-03-23
    oh, i see why i lost that thread now. my last post disappeared and buried the thread to 4 months ago
  3. 06-05-23
    Yeah I tried to reply but the replying format was different and I couldn't figure it out Lol. Thanks for the advice though I'll keep it in mind, also I was looking for the rules to this site but I have an idea now of what not to discuss ect
  4. 03-31-23
    Thanks for message 👌 All makes sense now 🤙
The Natural   7/24/24
It's status as the definitive example of baseball music is so thorough that they use it in place of the score

Hardball   7/23/24
There is a singular sin that torments all bad sports movies, and even a few good ones: an unwillingness to let

Skinamarink   7/29/23
So the film ends, and the title comes full circle, the moment Kevin asks Skinamarink what their name is

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   2/17/18
I am more likely to enjoy a Mamet film, but a Spielberg film

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