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I forgot the opening line.
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Latest Review : Aftersun (2022)

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  1. 07-28-23
    Wanna see my TL Fraserís Reign?
  2. 11-26-21
    thank you and thats really cool cause i only watch it cause elizabeth olsen is on it shes one of my favourite actresses and i loved the movie so i bought the dvd today
Aftersun   5/22/24
Although we don't know exactly what happened to Calum (Paul Mescal) and his 11-year old daughter Sophie (Frank

A Man for All Seasons   5/11/24
Today, CGI would be used to create a film with a much grander visual scale to it - but that would be an utter

There Will Be Blood   5/07/24
Marfa, Texas was the place used for filming, with the rest of the production wrapped up in Los Angeles - and y

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre   5/02/24
Although the film itself would miss out on a Best Picture win despite being nominated, it won for Best Directo

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