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  1. 05-21-23
    I won't say this on the forum but the amount of backlash I'm getting for stating Ezra is a guy is quite concerning. Just shows how far people have fallen from reality. Thanks for the likes though as it's nice to know some people still have common sense.
  2. 04-17-20
    Cool favorite movies!
  3. 07-10-18
    Just send it when u can. Will be cool to get another list.
I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House   10/28/19
Decided to watch this one solely because it's a sophomore fi

The Blackcoat's Daughter   10/28/19
February is visually beautiful film

Timecrimes   5/25/19
I also like the ending that's not a typical Hollywood happy ending but extremely selfish and morally flexible

Seconds   5/23/19
I hate to repeat myself but Seconds is, once again, a film that feels like elongated episode of The Twilight Z

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