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I enjoy watching films, old and new, arthouse and entertaining stuff, and writing about them, hence I'm here! I am also a self-proclaimed King of Kinkiness and apply for the title of King of Gifs. Biography
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In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.
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  1. 02-12-20
    Great, I will check your lists out! I'm planning to start keeping tabs of the films I watch on letterboxd. Moreover, I love the diversity of lists over there. Only downside is the lack of a community forum for interaction (not that it really matters to me since I barely use MoFo anyway).
  2. 02-12-20
    By any chance, are you on any other film-related websites such as letterboxd, ICM, etc.?
  3. 12-16-19
    Okay, but I'm not a stereotypical anime character with huge eyes. I have normal sized eyes!
  4. 12-16-19
    I'm a pseudo human? That's... the nicest thing anyone said to me today. -sniffle-
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