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  1. 06-16-13
    I see you went through my top 100 list. Hope you enjoyed it. Although it's already quite out of date, an update coming at some point
  2. 05-22-13
    Thanks for adding me!
  3. 03-24-13
    I have read the Gunslinger but I have not gotten around to the other books yet. I am a big fan of a few of the Dark Tower based songs off Demons and Wizards Touched by the Crimson King album.
  4. 03-19-13
    Just curious, are you a Dark Tower Junkie?
Black Panther   2/19/18
Given that the Black Panther has a predominantly Black cast and a Black director, the much-anticipated film is

The Promise   4/25/17
MGM began pre-production on the film but eventually the studio caved and halted the film when the Turkish Amba

Perfect Blue   4/03/17
In all honesty this film has not only given me a greater respect for Anime as a whole and what it can do, but

Kong: Skull Island   3/14/17
I grew up on Godzilla movies, I watched a few Gamera flicks, Mighty Joe Young, and I watched a bunch of King K

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