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Ello, I was born in East London and ever since I could remember I had always loved watching films. I used to bodybuild, just so you know i'm big and tough, and I worship film and cinema in general. Film is art to me. Even the **** ones. Biography
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  1. 06-14-09
    Are you ever going to finish your top 100, Prestige?
  2. 06-10-09
    True, I do love revenge. Served up nice and cold, of course.

    I believe that's the movie Mark warned me away from. Did I mention revenge in that thread? I don't recall what I said. I'll have to dig it up.
  3. 06-07-09
    Haha...I see you love the movie as well. I wont change it as long as you dont...
  4. 02-02-09
    We're hanging in there. There's a bit of the flu going around the home. If you see anyone sniffle . . . run.
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Taxi Driver   7/10/10
He isn't quite KKK calibre, but there is a sense of him looking for an easy scapegoat and Scorsese films these

A History of Violence   6/27/10
BUT THEN..I did what I often do with most films I watch..I watched it again, and I have to say that never befo

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   6/23/10
Fassbinder himself pops up in the film as Emmi's very racist son in law

Heat   6/21/10
Heat is, as epic a film I have ever scene if I had to answer 'what's the most epic film i've ever seen'

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