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Ello, I was born in East London and ever since I could remember I had always loved watching films. I used to bodybuild, just so you know i'm big and tough, and I worship film and cinema in general. Film is art to me. Even the **** ones. Biography
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Watching/reading films, Bodybuilding, going out for drinks. Interests
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  1. 06-30-13
    glad things are good

    In all honesty, since having the baby im finding it hard to sit and watch an entire film, partly because he wont sit still, but even when hes asleep I find my concentration isnt what it was at the min. so ive seen about 4 recent films, 3 of them wernt worth watching.
  2. 06-30-13
    Not too bad thank you, how the hell are you?
  3. 06-28-13
  4. 04-01-13
    **** you!
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Taxi Driver   7/10/10
He isn't quite KKK calibre, but there is a sense of him looking for an easy scapegoat and Scorsese films these

A History of Violence   6/27/10
BUT THEN..I did what I often do with most films I watch..I watched it again, and I have to say that never befo

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul   6/23/10
Fassbinder himself pops up in the film as Emmi's very racist son in law

Heat   6/21/10
Heat is, as epic a film I have ever scene if I had to answer 'what's the most epic film i've ever seen'

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