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  1. 07-30-10
    It has come to my attention we have yet to really be introduced. I know that so far we have two things in common: both love movies and are Irish
  2. 03-25-10
    Was going through old Reading Tab posts and I see you read Crime and Punishment back in April. I finished it just last night. We should discuss it! I'm bursting with thoughts and would love to go over the book with someone.
  3. 01-10-10
    Yikes, stressful! I think the best route to go is to compliment the girl and playfully make fun of the guy. Not that you're necessarily asking for advice. Best of luck, and congrats to your brother!
  4. 01-10-10
    Thanks, appreciate it. And congrats on the degree! Very cool stuff, even if it's probably not a lot of fun right now.
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