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  1. 04-14-18
    Charlie's Angels is still at 3? What will we do with you?

    Take it easy
  2. 03-25-18
    Indeed. I'm not a huge fan of slashers, but I seem to really dig when non-horror films feature a slasher-type villain, like 10 to Midnight and Cobra. I wish more action/crime films did the same.
  3. 02-03-18
    Good to see you around! All of the ones you commented on except Love Exposure are Women's Director HOF nominations, Siddon had The Last Supper, edarsenal had Orlando and Citizen Rules had Little Women.

    Would have loved to watch Love Exposure in one go but i had to be up early the next day, was dumb starting it at that time, was thinking about it all through work the next day haha. Apparently there's the full 6 hour cut on the Blu Ray, really want to see that i thought it was incredible.
  4. 01-09-18
    This is the description:

    "The Director's Cut is approximately eight and a half minutes shorter than the theatrical version and misses mostly scenes that show the close relationship between Michael and Irma."

    Does it ring a bell?
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