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I enjoy watching films, old and new, arthouse and entertaining stuff, and writing about them, hence I'm here! I am also a self-proclaimed King of Kinkiness and apply for the title of King of Gifs. Biography
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  1. 05-24-13
    I have always wanted to know more about Hungary besides Bela Tarr, or Greece besides Angelopoulos, or Poland besides Kieslowsky. You probably know so much about the cinema of these countries than me, so perhaps you could give me a few recs
  2. 05-24-13
    What other countries do you intend to take us for your movie journey? You're from Poland, right?
  3. 05-23-13
    You missed out My Friend Ivan Lapshin (1984) and Sergei Parajanov's Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors (1964)! Siberiade (1979) is also another Russian gem, and if it wasn't for its length I would also recommend it. Anyway, I'm off to watch Letters from a Dead Man (1986).
  4. 04-19-13
    I think Alexander The Great is my new favourite Angelopoulos.
Tokyo Story   1/24/21
After all, Ozu's films are, or at least this film - Tokyo Story is, pretty straightforward

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...invites the viewer to look at it solely through the prism of cheap provocationism, but seen as a single fil

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The India Song's India Song is reused here, but not as exces

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