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  1. 06-22-09
    I sent you a meaningless friend request. It's strictly for appearances, and the sake of the children. Don't read too much into it.
The Mist   11/22/07
I haven't posted any reviews on MoFo in a while, instead doing the heavy lifting elsewhere, but every now and ...

The Ordeal   4/01/06
I feel dirty copying a review I wrote for my site and just pasting it here, but it belongs in this thread. ...

Battlefield Baseball   9/14/05
Battlefield Baseball, directed by Yudai Yamaguchi, 2003 If I was 11 when I saw this, this movie would ...

District B13   9/12/05
Banlieue 13, Directed by Pierre Morel, 2004 I was first introduced to David Belle a year or two ago by ...

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