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  1. 12-29-22
    Potentially in the future! Although we're running out of lists to do

    Looking back through the 60s thread and I'm loving the graphics I made, even a GIF for the header image... I must have had loads of time on my hands back then.

    I love the additions you've brought in, the differentiated post types for the actual film reveals and even the list submission form. I'm guessing in the future you could get that so the post submission as well as just sending a PM to the host and sender, you could fire off to an online database like MySQL where you'd have three columns, a film ID from themoviedb, points which we add to each time and lists which we increment by 1?

    I haven't worked in PHP in ages and use C# nowadays but could potentially give a hand with that as the process will be the same so will just come down to syntax. Like I said though we've worked our way through most of these lists anyway... are the any ideas what the next one could be?
  2. 02-10-22
    Thatís a good one, too, but I meant the one lets you can specific the width: img_size
  3. 02-10-22
    Random thought: thank you so much for adding the img resize tag. I donít even know how long itís been now, but I dunno what Iíd do without it. I use it exclusively now.
  4. 12-21-21
    Thanks man, will get a thread up and running soonish with some creations
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