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Grew up in Singapore. Travelled all over Asia. Never been to Europe. Plan to be a famous writer someday. Alternite site: Biography
Silicon Valley, Northern CA, USA Location
Writing, website, music, movies, websurfing, mayhem. Interests
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life without movies is like cereal without milk. possible, but disgusting. but not nearly as bad as cereal with water. don't lie. I know you've done it.
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Shortbus   11/23/06
So when Mitchell had his actors have real sex he introduced all kinds of complications that I feel were notice...

The Break-Up   6/07/06
It's not that you hate Brooke and Gary, it's that they are TOO REAL and you don't want to watch two real peopl...

Stick It   5/14/06
Ironic, because I can't stand watching that stuff for real, but in a movie it's sooo much more interesting...

Silent Hill   4/22/06
In the game people are victims and never get retribution, people run out of luck or never had any, people are ...

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