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  1. 04-15-10
    Ah class It was one of the many days when I wished I was less of an armchair fan and actually there in the stands. Next season maybe... Harry has been titillating us all with the prospect of Bale/Lennon wingplay to come. Even better days are coming I think. (Has that 'Boom Boom Boom, Let Me Hear You Say Bale' chant caught on for the Welsh wizard yet? Would love to hear that boom out )

    But yes, Chumpskis first
  2. 04-15-10
    I am only just recovering Plenty booze and no food makes Gol a very happy but very hungover boy

    Watched it in a mainly Gooner pub too, with a Gooner mate, and enjoyed my reflex standing-ovation cries of '**** yes/you ****ing beauty!' at each goal all the more. Good times (I don't rub it in or that, but it was great to watch some of your more classic outspoken twats descend into silence/self-recrimination throughout the game )
  3. 03-06-10
    Hey, don't forget to make your Oscar picks!
  4. 01-12-10
    Cheers for that F Was leaning towards Spring for further watching, but bit fearful of the 'fortune cookie' flavour you mention from 3. I'll give him a few more goes tho, if only for the cinematography and a certain grace of execution
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L'Eclisse   1/05/09
A masterpiece of tone and composition, this glorious piece of trademark Antoniennui lit up Cannes in 1962 and

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