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Just a 30 year old woman from Denmark who happens to like movies. Biography
Denmark Location
There is no right or wrong. Not really. There is just the thing that you do.
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  1. 09-12-15
    Welcome back!
  2. 05-11-15
    are you a Fannibal or a Mads Mikkelsen fan? I know you live in Denmark which is cool. You know Im a fan of Danish cinema as well. I just wish I had a chance to view more films.

    You already know Im a huge fan of Mikkelsen by as much as I post about him and use him as an avatar and banner.
  3. 05-05-15
  4. 05-05-15
    It's hard for me to concentrate during the entire length of a movie, around 2 hours too.

    I just chill on MoFo.
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