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  1. 06-08-09
    Hey Bobby; what's new?
  2. 03-23-09
    If you consider Australia a foreign place then i am still here
    How are you mate?
  3. 01-29-09
    Hey Bobby. Hope things are going well with you. That's all I've got to say. Oh yeah...GO STEELERS!
Moneyball   9/22/11
It is typical Aaron Sorkin. Itís subtly funny, smart and very fast-paced.

Killer Elite   9/07/11
Overall, I'll give the movie 1 hilarious Clive Owen mustache out of 5. The movie is just a mess. Explosions an

Inglourious Basterds   8/13/09
It's always a real accomplishment when you can create a film that the 21 year old, UFC-watching, Red Bull-drin

Tropic Thunder   8/24/08
...Tropic Thunder is a very original, pretty funny, uncompromising mockery of the state of Hollywood and the p

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