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  1. 1 day ago
    Thanks for taking the time on my list 🤙 I'll do the same if you write a top 100.
  2. 11-08-18
    Keyser's Kinematic Kwiet Korner
  3. 08-31-18
    Enjoy the reviews, people should be reading your thread more, haha.
Rocky II   3/26/23
Rocky II is a very enjoyable movie thanks to more great and lovable Rocky himself, as well as a reasonable and

Freddie as F.R.O.7.   3/25/23
This so called spy movie rarely ever feels like a spy movie under all the laserlights and magic effects

Rocky   3/25/23
The first six Rocky movies are leaving Tubi in about a week, so I'm gonna watch all of them as quickly as poss

Southern Comfort   3/13/23
I remember my first rated-R movies when I was a preteen, and I honestly feel like this is a movie I would show

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