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  1. 02-24-14
    Good to know; I'm gonna make a point to catch up real soon, hopefully. At which point I can venture back into the thread about it without having to worry about spoilers.

    But yeah, there are downsides to anthologies. Upsides too, because you can tell nothing but consequential stories where you don't have to drag things out and/or keep main characters alive just to keep the show going. Not for everyone, but when you think about it virtually no American shows are anthologies (I struggle to think of another before this besides American Horror Story), so I'd like to see more. Whether or not this one, in particular, is the best fit, I'm not sure, but I hope people come to see it as a viable format.
  2. 02-24-14
    Yeah, I liked the first episode, and I want it to do well in a meta sense, so people try more anthologies. The British tinker with the format more than we do and I'd like to see it more often.
  3. 02-24-14
    Yes and no. I saw the first episode but had to stop. I've saved up the last 5 and can't wait to catch up. Hear good things, and the first episode was very intriguing.
  4. 02-24-14
    Just working like crazy on this new design (very soon now). Grinding's not so bad. It's how things get done.
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