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  1. 08-11-14
    Sometimes you have to let idiots be. Sometimes a flame war is not worth it.
  2. 08-11-14
    Oh I know. I knew I guy like you would not think that. I was talking about the guy who did the You Tube comment!

    I know YouTube is the home of morons, trolls, pseudo philosophers, and ultra political douche bags, but wow...
  3. 08-10-14
    I was starting to get nervous, if you would include it . The number one i suspect from you will be on my list too .
  4. 08-10-14
    Random ! But after hearing Princess Monoke is your second favourite animated film, i have to say our tastes are pretty much identical. PM is my favourite animated film, can't wait for your top 2 .
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me   9/08/14
What is key to the film's success though - something without which the film definitely wouldn't have been as e

Werckmeister Harmonies   9/08/14
The film looks minimal and feels natural despite the ambiguity surrounding it, and its black and white photogr

Django Unchained   3/04/13
For instance, theres the mandingo fighting scene which is very violent and disturbing, but it isnt gratuitious

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