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  1. 07-25-20
    I'm sure you really wanted to know my family's history and it's totally relevant to Mad Max. Blame Camo. It's all his fault.
  2. 07-10-20
    Lmao Amrit’s just weird don’t mind half the stuff he says 😂
  3. 07-10-20
    Amrit is not winning me over so far. “He reuses water bottles.” WTF?
  4. 07-09-20
    So are these people you know IRL?
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Spirited Away   10/19/19
Long before Miyazaki was my favorite animator and one of my favorite directors, I stumbled across Spirited Awa

WALL·E   10/18/19
Obviously the first similarity is that both these movies are sci-fi movies set in the future (although Wall-E

Mary and Max   10/18/19
If there's one good reason for my doing this entire tournament, it's probably the fact that I discovered so ma

Fantastic Mr. Fox   10/17/19
Fox is one of the greatest animated movies ever made, and easily the best animated movie of 2009 (sorry Mary a

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