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  1. 02-04-09
    No problem. Do you think you may be able to post a video of your DOC at some point? I'd love to see it.
  2. 01-28-09
    Love several of their songs too... Have you ever listened to The Pogues? I believe they're one of Tatty's favorite bands...
  3. 01-28-09
    Not a fan of all Flogging Molly's songs, but I do like the majority of them. Do you like any other Irish bands?
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas   4/13/21
Gilliam's films are either hit or miss with me, but Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas falls under the hit side of h

The Killing   3/26/21
The film oozes with film noir style and he populates the film with memorable characters

Double Indemnity   3/16/21
No idea what the movie was about going in, all I knew was that it was considered a classic noir film and it li

Antwone Fisher   3/15/21
The story elements from his life hit familiar beats so while there were no real surprises here, I didn't feel

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