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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
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  1. 06-17-16
    Just in case you miss it i put the second set of the TV Tournament up here -

    Six of the first eight matches are still up if you want to vote in them. I closed the Breaking Bad and The Simpsons ones since both were up 8-3 and it didn't look like there was a chance of it turning around.
  2. 06-05-16
    Nominate four shows when you are on. Sorry for starting the noms when you weren't about.
  3. 09-07-15
    Would be fun to see you join the 8th!
  4. 02-11-14
    Can u vote for me in the big brother tournament? Thanks if u do
All of Us Strangers   1/28/24
The 1980s period detail is spot on, so too are the observations about generational differences and how things

65   3/19/23
Adam Driver crash-lands his spaceship on a planet full of dinosaurs and proceeds to have less fun than that su

A Man Called Otto   1/14/23
A Man Called Otto is adapted from the book A Man Called Ove, and the film of the same name

Everything Everywhere All at Once   6/02/22
Brilliantly bonkers slice of genre-defying multiverse madnes

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