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"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you."
- Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy."
- Captain Steel
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  1. 2 days ago
    Yeah, I know what you mean. At least you already got all that music knowledge built up. I think thatís the only reason why Iím so determined is because Iím learning something every time I sit down and try to create.

    Funnily enough, thatís exactly what I want to do with my business (livestreaming stuff). Provide people like you with affordable assistance getting themselves broadcasting live, so if you ever want any help with any of the technical side just let me know. I have a lot of ideas (directly related to my future business) and the technical side of the equation I have a much better handle on. And this goes without saying but no strings attached to that offer.

    It would end up helping me too because Iíd get some more hands on experience and could have an example to point to of what I can do/help someone else do.

    Btw, do you have any firsthand experience with Protools? I am debating between the Presonus upgrade when they do their sale or a purchase of Protools (I have student discount). Just curious if you have ever messed with it and what you think of it.
  2. 3 days ago
    Yeah, I have the MK3 model, which requires a computer to use. It's just a controller whereas this new one has a few of their apps/instruments builtin with room for their expansion packs.
  3. 5 days ago
    What do you mean. Is this a newer model release than the one you picked up?
  4. 5 days ago
    Man, I totally jumped the gun when I bought my drum machine.

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