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I'm a Nigerian banker spam-bot, and I once went free-climbing with William Shatner. Biography
the pizza belt Location
I read a lot, mostly history and scifi/modernist fiction. I also try to watch a movie every day or two and I'm a life-long doodler. Interests
I work in an East Asian library. I also go to school part time for math, and I'm currently taking classes on probability theory and differential equations. Occupation
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  1. 05-12-16
    Hey thanks. I still stop by now and then. I'll have to bite the bullet and start posting again soon.
  2. 05-28-15
    Love your user title.
  3. 12-09-14
    I wonder if he shaved or just didn't have much facial hair. Wemayneverknow.

    I always wrestle with exactly when to switch avatars. I guess just over two weeks out is about right.
  4. 04-25-14
    Thanks! Did it get them all right or did you have to delete and re-add some?
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