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In a simple state of bliss. Location
Music, movies, and philosophy. Interests
Telling people smart things. Occupation
Halcyon days are not a thing
Nostalgia is no excuse for stupidity
I don't believe in golden ages
Or presidents that put kids in cages
America awaits on bended knee
Bad Religion
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  1. 07-23-19
  2. 06-20-19
    Sure thing. But there are multiple deleted posts on the first page, so let me know which one.
  3. 05-27-19
    Lol, the video gets me every time
  4. 03-14-19
    All fixed up now?

    What is the first thing you will listen to?
Avengers: Endgame   6/20/19
Avengers: Endgame is, at best, revisionist history; it wants you convinced that the MCU can be better than it ...

Blade Runner   6/19/19
"More human than human" is a motto that begs more questions than it answers...

Spirited Away   6/19/19
Spirited Away is also one of the few animated films where you surrender nothing when faced with the choice bet...

TRON: Legacy   3/13/11
This flick will spawn new and grander films to follow...

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