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  1. 04-04-10
    You know, I've always thought that the avatar you just switched back to is one of the best ones on this site. Glad you brought it back.
  2. 06-05-09
    Hey, great avy!
  3. 04-06-09
    I've been meaning to ask you where your avatar is from...
  4. 03-09-09
    Thanks, Sleezy; I've tagged the review. If you care to add ratings to some of the other older ones in that thread, I'd be glad to tag them, too.
Downfall   3/18/10
By now, anyone who keeps up with good cinema has probably heard about this film. Told mostly through the eyes

The Mist   3/02/10
[i]The Mist[/i] is one of those films that forces me to evaluate my discomfort and admit to myself (or not) th

Avatar   12/21/09
[i]Avatar[/i] is surprisingly very good, and uses its assets as smartly as you could ever hope for in todayís

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince   12/11/09
Sadly, this one disappoints. Itís not that itís [i]horrible[

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