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  1. 08-02-15
    Thanks for all the rep today and reading my comments.
  2. 06-24-15
    Thanks for the rep, dadgumblah. Did you find anything that you thought you might like?
  3. 03-27-15
    Hey did you know about this??? I really want to see it... Im a fan of the director..
  4. 02-06-15
    Happy Forum Anniversary!!!
Dunkirk   8/06/18
There are many stunning vistas caught on screen, including the massive amounts of men lining the long pier kno

A Quiet Place   7/13/18
But the film is pretty much stolen by the young, real-life deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, who plays Krasins

Avengers: Infinity War   5/04/18
Rocket being called a rabbit; Star-Lord being jealous, in a very amusing way, of his crew oohing-and-aahing ov

Black Panther   4/17/18
Everyone has a beginning but not every character in the Marvel canon gets a trio of movies or a stand-alone mo

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