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I am living proof that you can study film at university and still have trash taste in movies. Biography
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  1. 06-25-16
    Up to you of course but i'd personally just drop it. Nats thread i mean. She is clearly lying, i think she wants to impress people. She is a nice person so i wish she wouldn't but oh well. She was posting reviews found online for months as her own until confronted about it, she apologized and said nothing like this will happen again. That was obviously not the case.
Spacehunter : Adventures in the Forbidden Zone   1/29/17
It was clearly never going to compete with the likes of Retu

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec   11/11/16
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adle Blanc-Sec is a 2010 com

Blood Father   10/09/16
Technically the story does centre around Lydia (the daughter), not John, but let's be honest here: if you're g

The Blood of Heroes   8/24/16
I expected as much going into the film, given the fact that not only did cinematographer David Eggby work on t

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